IT’S A WRAP…….Our work on the Crow reservation concluded for 2021 on September 18th and 19th with another great clinic in Crow Agency.  Thank you Crow Tribal Council for providing the Multi Purpose building, The Lodge Grass High School and the Hardin Fire Department for venues for the clinic, Roberta Other Medicine from HIS and the huge pool of volunteers that assisted at all the Crow clinics this past spring and summer.


THANKS TO OUR GRANTING PARTNERS, PETSMART CHARITIES AND WAGGONER TRUCKING WE WERE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE CROW CLINIC SEASON after seeing a total of 673 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  Our two host committee’s, Help Every Pet of Hardin and Rez Dog Rescue in Billings helped facilitate over 100 adoptions and dozens and dozens of puppies going to animal shelters around the state for adoption into their forever homes.  This was of course in addition to providing all the meals for the volunteers and teams and making all the appointments just to name of few of the things our host committee’s do during clinic season.  As usual everyone worked their hearts out over the spring and summer months.


We saw dozens of animals in need of assistance and treated everything from simple dentals to horrible wounds.  We did hundreds of vaccinations.  The bottom line is there will be a lot less puppies and kittens born in the later part of 2021 and much healthier animals.